Do the simulator devices work?

I wondered if anyone had the simulator virtual devices working?

I’m going through the tutorial with the motion sensor the turns the switch on and when I install the app using the built-in virtual devices, I can’t get them to respond. Tested in the latest Chrome and Firefox.

If I change the motion sensor to a physical one, then it detects the motion but won’t switch on the virtual switch. I need to use both the physical motion sensor and physical switch to get the simulated app to work and highlight the icons as expected.

I can’t even toggle the virtual switch manually from within the simulator by clicking on it, or selecting “on” and clicking the “>” button – I’m not sure which of these is meant to work, but I’m pretty sure that one of them should!

Some of them definitely work “sometimes”.

One possible workaround is to create your own Virtual Device Instances by using the “Simulated Motion” (etc.) templates. Then you can trace and debug as necessary if they’re still not responding.

Thanks, I can confirm that the simulated switch worked fine.

Just ran into this last night in my first hello world app. I changed the sample program to use a virtual contact sensor instead of the motion sensor in the walkthrough, but all other code was the same. The log statement worked at the start of the event handler, and adding another log statement after the execution of the the switch.on() statement fired (so no terminating exceptions), but the virtual switch never turned on. Tried uninstalling and reinstalling several times.

To debug I swapped the virtual switch for my real life Aeon siren (the only Thing I have that implements Switch) in the preferences and it did work. My ears still hurt a little because of it :slight_smile:

After that I swapped back to the virtual switch and it worked as expected. Only thing I can figure is that the virtual switch does have occasional problems.