Do smart locks replace the need for open/closed sensors?

The title really says it all. If you install a smart lock on a door, is there still any need to utilize an open/close sensor or will the lock serve that purpose?

Open / Close sensor needed if you utilize autolock feature within SmartThings (not to be confused w/native autolock feature within the lock).

Knowing the door is closed will keep the autolock feature from extending the deadbolt and causing damage to the frame / lock.

Also, open close sensors are better for triggering lights as you can do so with lights but do you want lights coming on because the door unlocked?

I’m sure there are several other use cases for open / close sensors that I’m not thinking of…like SHM currently does not use lock input but it does use O.C. sensors.

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Thanks, that answers the question :slight_smile: I just thought that, perhaps, for as much as “smart locks” cost, they might have a built-in open/closed sensor. Guess not!

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Maybe someday the next-gen lock designers will incorporate an efficient electronic eye in the side latch mechanism which would report when the door is next to the frame (closed) or not (open). #PatentPendingIdea

I’ve been using the lock/unlock function of my Schlage locks rather than regular O/C sensors to control both hall and porch lights for years without issue. I even use the inside lock knob to just turn on the lights.
The only real issue ( if you can call it an issue) is that with the locks’ internal autolock if the doors are left open the deadbolts will still extend and hence the lights will shut off.