Do routines run local like smart lighting smart app?

Basically, that is the question.

Do routines run local if the devices involved run local?

Can I migrate my smart lighting rules to routines?

When you save the routine, it should show a little house like in the screenshot below if it will run local. All devices involved need to be local, and there may be some other conditions that can cause it to run in the cloud (delayed execution caused cloud execution at one point, though that might’ve changed).

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Thanks! I see that icon. Interesting, it seems routines created before some date in the past need to be s deleted and created again to see it local.

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Try just changing the name of the routine and saving. You can then change it back.

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Thanks! Will try that!

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If you add a space to the end of the name you can save the Routine and the trailing space will be removed so you don’t have to rename it. Makes it a little less tedious.


Thanks! Good tip