Do minimotes really work?

Also, @tgauchat is an expert with minimotes (among other things, authoring an app to use a minimote as a pin entry for a security system), so may have more to add on the speed issue.

Just got my first one setup in the bedroom using Smart Lighting

Button 1 - Nightstand Lamp

  • Press - On/off at 30%
  • Hold - On at 100%

Button 2 - Ceiling fan lights

  • Press - on/off 100%
  • Hold - On 30%

Button 3- both lights

  • Press - On/Off 100%
  • Hold - On 30%

Button 4 - TBD

The various Z-Wave network discussions above are relevant, so hope they help.

But also worth checking: Which SmartApp are you using with the Minimotes? Smart Lighting? Button Controller?