Do I need a Lutron Smart Bridge to use their Pico switch with a nonLutron light?

As Mark said, in order to use Lutron Caseta devices with SmartThings , You need to use the Lutron smartbridge.

On top of that, if you are using the official integration, the Picos are invisible to SmartThings and can only be used to control another Lutron device attached to the same smartbridge. So you can’t use them to control a zigbee or zwave light. (The Wink/Lutron integration is different, and does allow full use of the picos, which is why it’s easy to get confused.)

Anyway, as Mark also said, there are a number of different battery operated switches and buttons that do work well with SmartThings, and you can use them to control any other device which is also controlled by SmartThings, such as a zigbee light. :sunglasses::level_slider::bulb:

See the following thread for the full list (this is a clickable link). This list includes both wallmount and handheld devices and both battery operated and mains power devices, so read the descriptions carefully to find what you want.

All of that said, though, while there are some dimmer options on that list, I don’t know of anything that would let you change the color temperature from cool to warm other than a phone or tablet on the wall. But what you could do is get one of the multibutton devices and make each button a different preset color temperature level if that works for you.

The Remotec 90 is a battery operated 8 button device, and each button accepts tap, double tap, and long hold, so you get a total of 24 options from one device. There are other multibutton devices as well, so just depends what would work for you.


So you can definitely get dimming from any of several of the devices on the list in the FAQ. But as far as changing color temperature, I think you’re going to have to go to something with a choice of preset levels. Of course, you always have full control of the color temperature through the app or with an automation rule.