Do 3 way dimmers at each end both need to be Z-Wave?

the white what?, the aeon micro switch and dimmer modules only come in white…
what exactly did you order for 4 bucks each?

I’m sorry, I ordered the Adorne Paddle switches in the darker color. It was hard to find them in white. I think the darker color is better anyhow.

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Ah, you ordered 4 of the the legrand paddles…
Loews has them in stock, I’ve also ordered them directly from Legrand. The locator requires the purchase a separate component: The adorne® Collection | Legrand

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Yesterday I checked Home Depot but didn’t have time to stop at Lowes, too bad.

The more I look at this system the more I like it:

1 - These switches are smaller than others, making more room above and below them in the box. This should make fitting the micro dimmers in there easy.

2 - The locator led is optional, and from what I saw in its manual it could be wired to go on and off opposite the load or wired always on. Since in this application the “load” will be the “coil” of a SSR and Z-Wave can still change the lights, I think the locator led will have trouble unless it’s wired across the micro dimmer. But with a micro dimmer at just one end, that’s a problem so… If I get it at all I’ll wire it always on.

3 - I like the half size paddle switch. If that could be hacked to be a push button like the full size one then I could get four “dimmers” into a two gang wall box. Maybe I can eliminate some iffy multi-button scene controllers.

4 - Lot’s and lot’s of wall plate options. I don’t see myself spending $98 on a mahogany wall plate, until I win Powerball, but it’s great to have so many choices.


Regarding item three, that will be pushing it, not saying it can’t be done but it will be hard. I don’t have any of the half size toggles, so can’t say for sure, odds are good that they will respond in the same way to the hack.