Dni assignment and multiple virtual devices not working

I’m using a lan connected device (raspberry pi) that has multiple processes running and allows for information to be pushed back to a smartapp and devicetype through the hub using hubactions. The lan device is detected using SSDP and the smartapp see’s both virtual devices on ip and This all work great on the first device but not the second. I traced the issue back to the dni which uses the MAC address for the first device and the MAC:2 for the second. All responses from the lan device regardless of which virtual device it is sent from go to the devicetype that is the MAC dni address only. Can anyone help me understand why the second devicetype does not receive the parse response back? The lan device uses code I modified from this community for the rpi_garage_smartthings application.

This probably has nothing to do with it, but did you assign each virtual device to a location? Some other people have reported problems with virtual devices if they skipped the location assignment.

The location is assigned so I don’t think that’s the issue.

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