DLNA speaker

What do you guys think? I’m not sure whether to get the aeon doorbell or get a DLNA speaker like the fabriq.

I believe the doorbell can only play sounds saved to it. So if you want like the Jetsons theme you download it and save it to the doorbell. If you want a voice you have to make a file and do the same in another slot.

DNLA plays any voice message but not sure of sounds.

I use UBI’s for voice, they do both MP3’s from the web(ifttt) or DNLA.and can be had for as low as $25 on Ebay(just got one this week). Bonus they do" temp, humid, sound, light and are a crude Alexa like device for asking questions and can control Smartthings devices. They came out before Alexa and got blown away by it. I have 3 in 2 different houses and they work great with SmartThings.

I bought an aeon labs doorbell and installed it using the custom device handler found elsewhere on the forum. The only issue I had with it is about a week after I got it the doorbell button unpaired from the chime and I could not fix it. Thankfully I had a spare Iris button that I had not installed yet and was able to configure it to trigger the doorbell chime when pressed. I have played around with using my two Hitachi wifi speakers as secondary chimes but have been disappointed in their consistency of operation in that manner.