DIY SmartThings "Relay Touchscreen Controller"

I’ve actually picked up 2- 10" Samsung Galaxy Tabs and 1- 8" Galaxy Tab that I plan to mount in the way. 2-10’s would be in my garage/workshop & Kitchen and then the 8" would be in the master bedroom. In addition to running just Smartthings these units would also control household music and video files being routed to tv’s throughout the house from the main server in the house.

My biggest struggle right now is building a mount. I’m unable to locate an “off the shelf” wall mount for these devices so it appears that i’ll have to be building them out of 1/2" MDF plained down to fit smooth with drywall for a flush look.

I’ll hopefully have the first tablet mocked up in the coming weeks and will post some pictures then.

There are lots of off the shelf wall mounts available sold for offices and stores running tablets in kiosk mode, but many homeowners consider them too expensive as they typically also have theft-deterrent features.

Have you looked at the hardware mounting topic for SmartTiles? Lots of interesting ideas there:

Hey Matt, you can use this app and check out your local 3d print shops. Also tinkercad web base for the 3d program. It will be really cheap if you just want a basic mount. I was looking into it but got busy so it will be my winter project. Couple of friends printed all kind of stuffs.

Edit : forgot to include the app

I ended up using an old ipod touch with Smart tiles

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Just wondering if you were finally able to make mounts for your galaxy tabs ? I am also looking for the same…

Sorry DJAnu, I have not gotten the time to make mounts up for my tablets. Im looking at getting back to that project soon. A friend of mine purchased a xCarve a couple weeks back and im going to get him to cut me some plexi for mounts so this project should get updated soon.