DIY Pressure Mat

(Brian) #1

I’m going to give this a shot in the next couple weeks. Ill report back my success.

Im going to pair this Pressure Mat under my front door mat with a SparkCore. The SparkCore has very low power usage so I’m thinking solar.

(Kent) #2

Very nice idea, let me know how that works out for you!

You can get some great battery life out of that SparkCore if you put it to sleep via their sleep method, maybe find a way to only wake it up if your pressure mat gets triggered?

I used the SparkCore for my garage doors via a relay so it’s controllable via Smartthings, it was incredibly easy to setup for that and has been very stable, I’m really impressed with the SparkCore devices.

(Brian) #3

@sanity Mind sharing some of your code?

(Kent) #4

@docwisdom the SparkCore code is at the link below. The Smartthings code is dead simple, just use the standard httpGet/httpPost as needed to the corresponding URL on the SparkCore.

For your project you will likely add a httpGet from the SparkCore to Smartthings via REST API/Smartapp. Check out my alarm code in github for good examples of how to do the REST API stuff in a smartapp.

SparkCore Code:

My Smartthings DSC Alarm code with REST API examples to look at:

Good luck, let me know if you need any help along the way.