DIY A/C Setup, thoughts?

Was hoping to get some feedback on my planned automated “central” a/c solution and maybe give some others some ideas. My current house setup is: hot water baseboard heat, so no ducting available. I do have a whole house exhaust fan and a Nest thermostat.

The plan is to install this: 15,000 BTU A/C with auto resume after power loss feature.

Turn it off and on with this: . Zwave switch

And add this to the whole house exhaust fan: Z-wave Relay

I’d have the Nest talk to the switch and the relay to turn them on at the same time, based on temperature. The fan should blow the hot air up and out, and get all the cold air circulating. I’m not a programmer by any stretch, more an enthusiast. I’ll have to learn to write SmartApps, or use the rule builders.

Any feedback or input would be greatly appreciated!

I think most AC’s cycle down once set temperature is reached (i.e., run in fan only mode at least for a while).

Hard-cutting the power frequently while the compressor is running might shorten life of the unit. Cycle down might also serve to fan cool the compressor a bit, but that’s just a guess.

Just thinking of possible risks with an otherwise logical idea…


Good point, hadn’t thought about that. Might only cycle down (automatically) at night as part of the “Goodnight” Hello, Home.



Maybe this could work. I know it’s only half the btu but with the price and build in smart. Maybe it’s easy to talk to ST. Also you can buy two units and have better air distribution.

Mixed reviews make me hesitant on that quirky unit. I considered it for the bedroom, but apparently it is louder than normal.