Displaying value of a global variable

Is there a way to display the value of a CORE global variable on a smartthings tile/button?
The scenario is to control a dehumidifier ON/OFF by setting humidity level and feedback from humidity sensor. The way i’m seeing it, is for example there will be 2 virtual switches + and - ( increase and decrease) which will change the desired humidity level, by setting the value of a global variable. That I know how to do it. What i want to know is if there is a way to read this value and display it on a tile/button in smartthings app. This way i will have two buttons and a display showing the value of set humidity.
Same goes for controlling a heater …kind of software thermostat. Is there actually virtual hygrostat / humiditystat smart app?

Some people have had some success doing something like this in the new app. Check out this thread over on the WebCoRe forum: https://community.webcore.co/t/release-value-tiles-dth-for-displaying-webcore-variables-stats-in-a-thing/4725

Thanks. I saw that one, but it is for webcore, which for me is rocket science. I’m using core.

Ah, sorry about that. I honestly didn’t think CoRE was still around and thought you were referring to webCoRE.

My suggestion would have been to use a device handler that can update a string attribute, and which the app is able to display. I have never used CoRE but I rather assumed it is able to send commands to devices even when it doesn’t have native support for the capabilities, as webCoRE can. However what I have just described is exactly what the ‘Value Tiles’ DTH does. There is nothing webCoRE specific about it, it is just that webCoRE creates a demand for it.

Value Tiles don’t show properly in the new Smartthings app

Well, do you know if something similar to this one exist but for humidity ( virtual hygrostat/humiditystat?

Really it’s not at all. CoRE, which I still have active Pistons running on, uses very similar logic. It’s just a more pretty web interface. Once you start getting into it, it will click and you will say, “Why the hell did I wait so long!”

It may look like rocket science because people have done amazing things with it but Pistons can be as simple as “Do”.

Yeah, there are multiple variants farther down that do work with the new app, around post 101 I believe.