Display charts graphics in tiles

I have hard time thinking we should wait an Android fix while it seems to be introduced on 5.x version and I am on 6.x version with the same issue. So basically, Android changed something and it’s not gonna be changed back any soon.
So the smartthings side has to be updated accordingly.

I entered a ticket on this so let’s see what is the answer I get.

And I have two phones one with 6.x and 7.0 (Nougat) and it’s still there in 7. Be interesting to see what you hear back from them and if there is something they will do about it. Can’t hurt

Any updates on this one, curious if someone got it working on Android?

Nope. It’s still an issue with the Android client. I know @tonesto7 has reached out to SmartThigs staff to see if this is something they can fix on this side, but I don’t believe he has heard anything back from anyone.

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Same here. Had a request to ST and that was on May 30. No news since.

"Christopher (SmartThings)
May 30, 10:47 AM MST

Hey Philipe,

The bug report was sent. I took a look at your code and tried to find a workaround, but seems like there isn’t one for this. Will let you know when I have more information.

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The more people send tickets, the higher priority it will get

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This isn’t an android issue it started when ST changed their client API to use their new load balanced microservice. So the Auth works different now. The html content is basically render through an http endpoint just like how the smart app endpoints work. Except these don’t use the tokens they are keyed off the device id. So basically after the device page loads the first time it loses the Auth to pull the html content again.
I’ve sent ST Android developer a functional example so they can duplicate the issue very easily. This was in February and still not one word from them.


Can they be notified again or something done for them to escalate the issue since this is something that can be rectified from the ST side?

My last november comment was based on an ealier feedback I got saying “android changed and needs to be fixed”. Maybe the guy misunderstood Android versus ST Android implementation.
Based on your analysis, is there a workaround possible for simple and local network hosted http page?
I am not surehow the Oauth is involved when i don’t access secured services like google based charts. My case is very simple like local text and pictures.


:slight_smile: I was only quoting to you in that post way up above what was posted by @tonesto7 earlier in the year. Thinking he may have meant Android client from the SmartThings side which i didnt interpret it that way at the time.

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Hahaha, so the guy was you!!! Sorry for that, I was using my phone and the forum is a bit hard to follow on it. So anyway, we don’t have workaround nor solution. And I just found the other answer from ST Christopher that doesn’t make me optimistic:

Christopher (SmartThings)
May 24, 3:08 PM MST
Hey Phillippe,
I took a look at the Nest Thermostat implementation from tonesto7 to see if the I could see the same thing you were. I was able to load the htmlTile on Android initially. If I left the app and reopened it, it not load the htmlTile. Did find that returning to the things list and tapping the device again did load the tile correctly.
htmlTile is not a documented feature in our developer docs, so not sure how much focus we will put into getting this edge case fixed. If you could provide the simplified DTH you used to test this I can include it in the bug report.
Best Regards,

Which I did…



So my question is, what is the equivalent function that allows this to work appropriately on IOS?

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It’s the same function for both clients the issue is iOS support isn’t broken.
My issue is that this would probably take them 5 minutes to resolve and they won’t.
I’m so tired of the half ass collaboration between Android and iOS teams. How hard is it to test there app against popular community apps and try to increase their negative end user perceptions…
I mean it’s the community that makes ST popular so why not embrace the stuff that’s out there.

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Nothing takes “5 minutes”, especially with the amount of internal red tape a company like Samsung SmartThings has.

In particular here is that HTML Tiles were removed from the roadmap and should never have been available in the App at all. So the fix, when they choose to fix it, will be to break iOS!

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Obviously I didn’t literally mean 5 minutes…

Them breaking iOS has crossed my mind often.
When I get the time I think I’m just going to remove the tiles from the devices and into an interface similar to the diagnostic interface in the smart app


I’m liking that from the customer facing side :grinning:

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so, htmlTile still being an undocumented feature, do we have a fix yet ?

Goto the NST Manager thread and see screenshots I posted. Instead of displaying HTML within the device, that content is opened separately in another browser. That’s your fix / solution for the router stuff. :slight_smile:

For chart data in a device handler I now use carouselTile, and have chart images created with a replacement for the Google Image Charts, just one url with the data, you get a picture as response, can be moved straight into the carouselTile. Still have some issues with the fonts used, but looks promising.


Sounds good. What are you using to generate your charts?
I originally used pChart on my side. So the image would get refreshed at the server side pace. Using the carousel, does it refresh automatically if the source is updated?
Or you have to refresh manually/re-open the DTH tile?

image-charts. The same API as google image charts, with some limitations. The chart is created on the server, image is send back. Currently the DTH creates the chart with a command, but that can easily be adapted to run on a schedule if needed.

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