Display Bug in iOS Mobile Classic App v2.16

I’ve noticed over time that the labels for some of the bottom icons disappear. A hard restart of the app corrects it for a while. Same on iPad.

I’m not sure it’s worth reporting to ST. I’m guessing Classic is not getting much love these days.


I reported it a couple days ago. You should too.

Already reported it also.

Not for nothing but I have never seen any labels on those icons. I verified it’s because I use zoomed mode on the display. Not sure that helps but thought I would mention it.

Maybe they were added this update. Not sure, I can’t remember.

If I turn off zoomed mode and go to standard I see the labels as well, so I can’t say either if they have always been there or not.

Same issue here. Super annoying.

I knew reporting this to Support would be a waste of bytes.

Such an obvious and likely easy to fix bug, and yet crickets…

This bug is going on nearly 6 months old, and not even the slightest hint it is being addressed. Ridiculous.