Discover two LEDS on one switch

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How do I discover two Cree wifi LEDS on the same on/off switch. Do I install and discover one, then remove it and discover the 2nd one or can I discover both at one time??


You said “Cree wifi.” What’s the exact model number? The most popular Cree bulbs that work with SmartThings are zigbee, not WiFi.

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They are Cree WiFi LED bulbs. Cree bulbs are compatible with the smarthings hub. I already have one connected to my smart things hub. I want to add two more to the outside front door lights which both turn on with one switch.

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Cree BA19-08027OMF-12CE26-1C100


Those are zigbee bulbs. (Home Depot’s online site incorrectly identifies them as wifi, but the package and the manufacturer site show them as Zigbee.

That’s good to know, as it clarifies your pairing question. :sunglasses:

It just comes down to timing. When you flip the switch to reset the bulbs, you should see both bulbs go into pairing mode (that is start blinking).

Use the smartthings app, and add a device to add the first bulb.

Although you may be able to immediately add the second bulb just by using the mobile app a second time, it’s more likely that The second bulb will have timed out of pairing mode.

So the best thing to do is exactly what you suggested, only have one on power at a time during pairing. Remove one bulb from the fixture, pair the second one. Then remove the bulb you just paired and put back the other one. Pair that one, then replace the second Bulb and now both should be on the network.

Alternatively, you can put the second one into a table lamp and pair it that way, then move it back to the fixture. Just depends on what’s physically easiest for you. But it’s likely that you can’t have them both powered by the same switch during the pairing process or you will only get one paired.

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Thanks. I will do them one at a time. By the way, I purchased them at Amazon.