[DISCONTINUED] Blink Camera Device Handler/SmartApp

Are you still having that problem?

If so, you need to enable that option in the settings, open live logging, attempt to use the buttons that aren’t working, filter the live logging results by your device, and post the live logging results.

I wanted to keep one camera on during disarmed mode and @krlaframboise told me how to make this happen. Within the Blink smart app deselect all cameras you have in the smart home monitor section. Then use CoRE to enable/disable camera or disarm/arm system. There will need to be a delay between actions because the Blink sync module cannot handle multiple request simultaneously. @krlaframboise thanks for your help

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When trying to add the blink system i get Error saving page.
Log shows java.util.concurrent.TimeoutException: Execution time exceeded 20 app execution seconds: 107419620823362 @ line 758

Installed device handler, and smart app. Enabled oAuth on smart app, and it connects when i enable Dashboard in app.
But when I save (Done) It seems to time out.
Any idea whats wrong?
Entering the url from log in browser results in: {“error”:true,“type”:“java.lang.reflect.UndeclaredThrowableException”,“message”:“An unexpected error occurred.”}

PS UK system, running in Norway.

Did you enter your Blink credentials into the Blink Account Settings screen?

Were you able to add the cameras in the SmartApp?

If you did add your cameras, how many cameras do you have?

Usr/pwd in smart app yes.
No Cameras to add, just a time out when hitting done.

Have one Camera added at the moment to the blink account.


Thanks for the screenshot, I forgot that you can’t see the camera menu until you’ve saved those required settings.

Can you uninstall the SmartApp and then install it again, but tap done after entering the blink credentials. If other fields turn red and say they’re required, you’ll need to fill them in too, but don’t enable the dashboard.

I doubt that will fix it, but it’s worth a shot. If it doesn’t work, I’ll add some extra debugging options so we can figure out if it’s unable to see the blink server, unable to generate the blink token, or unable to retrieve the sync module and camera data.

If this is something you need working ASAP or if you need the motion events to happen immediately after motion instead of within 5 minutes, or if you want to be able to use Live View within SmartThings, you might be better off purchasing the “Official” version. The official version is a completely different DTH/SmartApp that is being sold by another community member.

Your problem could be my DTH, but it could also have something to do with your location so there’s no guarantee the the Official version will work.

Done all above.
This is screen shots you might find usefull?

Yes, that was helpful.

I did some testing and the wrong username and/or password would display a login failure message and if it had something to do with a bad url it would return a blacklisted error so I’m pretty sure the problem is something else.

It looks like yours is successfully authenticating against Blink and generating the authToken, but it gets an unauthorized error when it tries to use the authToken so it gets a new authToken by logging in again and repeats that loop until it times out.

I’ve released a new version that fixes an unrelated uninstall bug and provides additional logging around the section of code that’s failing.

Since I can’t replicate your problem, I have no idea what information could be in the error message, so remove anything sensitive from the live logging output before posting it to the website.

Thanks for creating this app. It works great.


Was wondering if there were any plans to update the DH/SA soon. Thanks

I haven’t had much time to work on ST lately, but is there a problem or are you referring to adding Live View functionality?

No problems, just wondering about live view.

Antoine Lee

Trying to install this now, Thanks.

I think I have it installed correctly. Probably a remedial question but how can I make the cameras armed when I am Away? I am still looking through all the Smartthings settings and I see my 2 cameras. I just want to incorporate them into my current armed modes (home and Away).

Go into the “Smart Home Monitor Settings” section of the Blink System Connector SmartApp and you’ll be able to select the cameras that should be armed when home and/or away.

Getting the same error. Not sure what the resolution

Here is the only warning message from live logging : 7:45:10 PM: warn No active token found, not logging out of Blink.

Did you enter your Blink credentials into the Blink Account Settings screen?

Were you able to add the cameras in the SmartApp?

If you did add your cameras, how many cameras do you have?

I also need to see the exact warning message because my SmartApp only has 3 lines that display warnings and none of them say “No active token found, not logging out of Blink.”.

PS: I just noticed the comment from the other user saying they’re not in the US so I’m thinking Blink might have multiple urls based on location. With SmartThings, you can log into multiple urls, but only one of them lists your devices (at least that’s how it used to work) so if Blink does something similar that would explain the problem the other user was seeing. Either way, their problem isn’t related to yours because they were seeing completely different messages in live logging.

@krlaframboise - Just wanted to say thank you for building and maintaining this integration with Blink. Just bought a Blink system a couple weeks ago and was feeling bummed that there wasn’t an app available (even though I knew when I bought it) and I knew there was some developed apps but had no clue what to do or how it works as I am new to custom developed apps.

I read through all the posts and found the instructions and link to the “custom code” article to be very helpful. I was able to set this up and get it running in just a few minutes after reading through everything.

I have successfully armed/disarmed via SHM multiple times and see the devices listed under my home.

This is awesome and very much appreciated. It was such a pain to arm/disarm every time we came and went. I signed up for this online community just so I could send praise. It’s nice to see the community getting behind this and working together to build upon the functionality.

I found one tiny bug - I renamed a camera as I have been meaning to do so but I renamed it after installing this app. The name didn’t refresh in this SmartApp and I couldn’t seem to get it to update no matter what I tried. I ended up just removing the SmartApp and re-adding it and the new camera name now displayed. Not a big deal and maybe it would of self corrected? I did click and try “Refresh Cameras” and it showed the new name under the window that opened but it never updated under the Cameras section.

There is an “official” Blink SmartApp and DTH, but if you want to use them you have to pay the community member that created them.

My version is free, but it’s limited because Blink hasn’t publicly released the specs for their API. Some other community members figured out the core functionality of their API and through trial and error I was able to figure out the rest of the functionality I built into mine.

thank you.

If you renamed it in the Blink system and not in SmartThings, then that behavior is by design and not a bug.

The SmartApp uses the camera names from Blink when it creates them, but it doesn’t update their names once they’re created because many users want them named something different in SmartThings.

For example, I don’t have many Blink cameras so I used names “Living Room”, “Basement”, etc, but in SmartThings I have 10 other devices in my Living Room so the name needs to be a lot more specific.

If you want to change the name of a camera in SmartThings, go to the Things screen, tap the camera you want to rename, tap the settings icon, change the name and tap done.

Thanks krlaframboise.

Another question. For some reason I noticed my cameras were listed as disabled in smartthings. I toggled them back to enabled but I’m just curious why they would show disabled?

You can’t individually Arm Cameras so if you want some cameras to be armed and others not to be, you have to disable the ones that you don’t want armed.

If the “enabled” option in the Blink Mobile App is not selected, it will appear as disabled in SmartThings.