Discontinuation of MyQ Connect Community SmartApp

(Jordan) #262

hacking it up won’t report the open/closed status though, which the myq system was able to do. you’d still need a tilt sensor…honestly for me this would be the easy part - if it’s just a momentary switch then wiring two wires across it is a piece of cake…and my system was a myq retrofit so i am not even sure it needs that at all i think it will just work if i short the two wires.

however a way to report open/closed status? Maybe we could hack one of these things and wire it to a contact sensor? https://www.handymanhowto.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/02/DSC06841.jpg

maybe tap into the LED circuit and try to get it to trigger a contact sensor open/closed? too bad it only has a “close door” button, if it had open door, you could almost hack this thing to do everything…would be interesting to open one up and see what’s inside.

honestly, i dont use this integration enough to care right now, i’ll wait a few months to see if ST and MyQ fix their shit, if they don’t then maybe i’ll consider hacking something together with one of these. from what i read in the manual, our best bet would be using the closed LED circuit to trigger a relay and close a contact sensor. but it does blink during certain operations so it might create some weird blinking open/closed behavior while it’s opening or closing but otherwise i think it’d work mostly ok…good enough as a status indicator anyway, but i wouldn’t want to trigger events based on it, haha. status is all i care about though. ymmv…

(Never Trust @bamarayne) #263

(Tyler Durden) #264

It seems like Echo could safely control home entry access by prompting the user to speak a PIN code.

(ActionTiles.com co-founder Terry @ActionTiles; GitHub: @cosmicpuppy) #265

Not really… Since a potential intruder could easily overhear the spoken PIN code!

Ideally it needs voice recognition (like facial recognition) not just speech recognition.

In the meantime, in place of a PIN it might ask from a set of preprogrammed secret questions…

(Jon Allsebrook) #266

Secret questions that could still be overheard… However if a potential intruder can overhear me on my own property without me noticing I am probably screwed already.


That’s the easy part. Welcome to the 21st-century: 300 foot range listening devices cost under $45 these days. A lot of technopunks have them. :wink:

(Jon Allsebrook) #268

Ha and hmmm… thats just scary. The next time my wife calls and asks then repeats out loud the garage door opening code as she enters it I am gonna have to say something!

(Tom Steele) #269

How does this work? Do you have more than one car? Because I cannot wrap my head around how it would work with both my wife and I having separate sensors and if we arrive at the same time (something that does happen occasionally) and what not.

And honestly, all this talk about secret codes and questions is a little silly. If someone wants in your home, a BRICK will get them into your home without having to buy spy gear. Home security is much like TSA. It is theater. Home security makes it hard for people to get into your home without you knowing about it, but it doesn’t make it hard for people to get into your home.

As long as we have windows and glass, or in many cases, you can take a saws-all and cut through vinyl siding and some of the stuff they use for walls and enter a home.

Most of us have four digit codes on our door locks (if we have smart locks) and they are subject to all of the above warning as well. Sooner or later you are telling the wife, or kids those codes and using them in front of someone, etc…

The CUSTOMER should decide if it is too much risk or not, the manufacturer is NOT the one who should decide. If they do, then I decide to buy a different product. Thanks but I don’t need anymore NANNIES for me, I’m all growed up now.


Yep I have two doors and two cars. I place a presence sensor in each vehicle and then set each door to open based on the arrival of the presence sensor in each vehicle.

Does that make sense?

(Tom Steele) #271

Yes, I have two vehicles and one door, which presents the problem for me. I could potentially set up one vehicle with a presence sensor but having both of them with a sensor could prove problematic. Even one could be annoying in some circumstances.



Sorry, not following the problem. It shouldn’t be any different than two people in the house having smartphones that act as presence indicators and one front door. You set it up however you want it to work. :sunglasses:

(Tom Steele) #273

So, just out of curiosity, what happens if we both arrive at the same time?

(Jason) #274

if you have 2 doors, both doors would open. if you have one door 1 door would open. Of course depending on how you set up the automations.

(Tom Steele) #275

I have one door, and so if both people arrive at the same time, it would just open the garage door. I assumed it would confuse things. Maybe it is smarter than I’m giving it credit for - I’ll try it out and see. Thanks,


(Jason) #276

I believe the open and close commands are different. If it sends an open command and is already opening nothing out of the ordinary should happen,.


This. :arrow_up:

But again, you can set it up differently if you want it to behave differently.

(Brian) #278

Yep, this is how it works for me. If my wife and I are in the same car and both our presence sensors (phones) arrive home at the same time, the one door opens. You can see where ST sends the “open” command twice, but the door (or my SmartApp at least) knows to ignore the second one since it’s already opening.


I’m sick of companies selling you a product and acting like they own it.

If I want my horn honking to open my garage that should be my decision.

Myq stinks and has effectively screwed customers.

(Steve White) #280

Corporate America in general sucks. Nothing will ever change because consumers in general have short memories. If it is of any consolation, Genie is just as awful with their Aladdin Connect system. They have no API at all, and if you buy the Iris model it has special firmware and can’t be changed over to use Genie’s cloud-based service.

Because of my awful experience with Iris, I shop more than ever at Home Depot now, and will never, ever, buy an Iris system again, even if it printed money as a feature.

Getting burned by a large corporation is one area where people should learn to hold a grudge. Things will change when consumers start holding companies more accountable.

Edit: Another great example… In 2008 Polaroid announced they would stop making film due to declining sales. With a stroke of a pen they rendered the millions of cameras still in use obsolete. As one of the users of instant film back then, and now, to this day I will never buy any product with a Polaroid name on it.

(Brian) #281

It probably wouldn’t even do that reliably.