Discontinuation of MyQ Connect Community SmartApp


MyQ can do it themselves, and we should note that they are UL certified to do so. What they don’t want to do is officially allow third-party apps to do so, at least not without additional restrictions.

Just as an example, we have seen some custom apps, not this particular one, which have allowed SmartThings customers to bypass UL required safety features on UL certified garage controllers, essentially hotwiring the device just as someone might hotwire a car and bypass an automatic collision avoidance feature.

Smartthings basic philosophy is to allow maximum choice to programmers. Which is great for the programmers. But can really muddy third party certifications for a specific device.

(Bobby) #243

Wow, and you were holding @JH1 ’ s feet to the fire for making wild assumptions…lol. How do you know that Chamberlain wants you to buy their lights? It could easily be that they don’t want that kind of liability…

(Brian) #244

It’s a “reasonable conclusion”, it must be true.

Good point. It’s just my opinion, nothing more. Worth the electrons that came together to show my words. :wink:

(Stephen) #245

Does that mean I can use the chamberlain gateway even though I have a lift master door?


Depends on the model, but generally yes.


Easily add MyQ smartphone control to any MyQ Technology-enabled garage door opener from LiftMaster, Chamberlain, Craftsman, Raynor & AccessMaster.

(Jordan) #247

man, i am seriously debating never buying “cloud” devices again, this is all so stupid

this was the same thing with the ecobee too, promised official support, it came months later but it’s still basically useless and unintuitive…still questioning whether buying an ecobee was the right decision or if a non-cloud z-wave thermostat would have made things easier

likewise, my garagedoor was upgraded to myq, but wasn’t originally, so I could have invested in the linear thing instead of myq, and am sort of wishing i had, except then i need a tilt sensor with batteries to replace, and myq didn’t need any of that. Really, MyQ should just let the local hub receive commands from the LAN, this is our device, why shouldn’t we be able to do with it what we want? But good luck with that…cloud everything just means everything is gonna be useless when two manufacturers decide to beef it out.

hilariously enough i’m finding it’s not just smartthings. was looking into fish tank control systems and apparently a few manufacturers are beefing it out in nearly the same way, i’ve just about had it with cloud bullshit. where’s my local-everything hub when i need it?

mind you, i don’t really blame ST for this one. MyQ is a shitty platform and I realized it pretty much the day i installed it. The problem with cloud is, everyone’s trying to DIY their own cloud, there’s no standards. MyQ is such a useless platform outside of being a glorified garage door opener button, them killing integration is just going to make it even more useless, meaning, don’t bother buying it, go with something else…

of course, as far as I can tell, it’s still working for me now, days after their supposed cutoff date. for all we know this could just be a bluff on chamberlain’s part to get ST to move on this issue, but who knows. it’s hard to believe their platform is so weak it can’t handle the polling, but this kind of crap is exactly why they should have had a well defined local-hub API in addition to whatever cloud crap they have.

(Never Trust @bamarayne) #248

Everything cloud ONLY and products ONLY as a service… two trends I really friggin hate…

Oh you want to fill up your tires? 1.99 a month. Say what?


Except, you know, Amazon Echo. And Hey, Siri. And Hey, Google. And Netflix. And Hulu. And IFTTT. And gmail. Xbox multiplayer gaming. And actually anything you call with a landline, because landlines were the original cloud service. They don’t do anything without a dispatch office.

Some of those have monthly subscription fees, some don’t, but they all hit the reliability target. Not perfect, but good enough that any failure is a big surprise.

Cloud works fine with the right architecture in place. But it does introduce additional points of vulnerability.

(Never Trust @bamarayne) #250

You are correct JD.

I don’t dislike cloud. I dislike it when something that is not dependent upon cloud, is forced to be cloud only.

Say a video game a teenager buys for their PC. It installs and runs locally, but won’t do so without a cloud connection.

(Jordan) #251

Yeah. it’s exactly that.

All of our “Cloud” appliances are going to be useless in like 5-20 years as the clouds that run them are going to slowly disappear as companies go bust or replace their “outdated” products with new ones. Look at the STv1 hub, you wouldn’t feel very good buying one of those today, would you?

Meanwhile, a large part of my appliances from the 80s-90s are all still working and will continue to work indefinitely as long as the circuitry inside them is functioning correctly. And throw in some new capacitors every 10-15 years and maybe they’ll last even longer.

Speaking of video games, how about all those “cloud downloaded” games? Will they work when the video game company decides that console isn’t worth supporting anymore? My video game consoles from the 80s/90s all still work, all the cartridges will play as long as they don’t have dirty contacts. All the things that prevents that from working are fixable by myself. All of the things that prevents the cloud from working are not fixable by anyone but the company running the cloud.

As far as I’m concerned, MyQ, fix your shit. This isn’t ST’s fault. Blocking ST is a copout for your shitty service. It’s my garage door, I don’t need you putting restrictions on how I can use it. Fix it, or get out of our way and give us access to the local hub.

(ActionTiles.com co-founder Terry @ActionTiles; GitHub: @cosmicpuppy) #252

I sure would, actually… Kickstarter purchase and it’s running fine; well, at least as good as SmartThings on average.

(Jordan) #253

Haha. I guess that was a bad example given ST still hasn’t gotten their crap together on the V2 hub and locally running much of anything on it.

I should find a better example. They’re out there.

(Kaan Ozturk) #254

My status of door stopped updating since this communication started. I have go to things for myq and force refresh. I have also tilt sensor connected to myq app to trigger refresh. I want to know if anybody else has the same issue or is it only me.

(Megan) #255

I noticed late last week, door status stopped updating for mine

(Kurtis) #256

I’m hoping that instead of just turning SmartThings off that they are blocking polling or something like that.


So I can’t use routine widgets to open or close the door but my automation to open the doors based on a presence sensor is still working…really hoping that continues to work!!! :four_leaf_clover:

(Kaan Ozturk) #258

How is the presence sensor different tilt sensor?


The presence sensor just works to let you know if someone or something is home or away…I have my doors set to open automatically when the presence sensor arrives for each of the vehicles I own. The tilt sensor doesn’t have a presence awareness since it stays stationary. Not sure if mine is the best explanation but I didn’t want to leave you hanging any longer. :slight_smile:

(Gil) #260


This guy figured out which points on the MyQ wall controller can be shorted to use legacy openers/relays:

(www.rboyapps.com - Make your home your butler!) #261

This is very cool thanks @garevalo. Soldering the circuits isn’t for the faint hearted but I’m happy to learn that there exists a workaround worst case.
Basically Chamberlain is asking it’s users to open it’s devices and hack it instead of just adding a few more servers to keep it’s software API’s working with ST users.