Disconnection events from Hub

Noting that through /hub/{hub_id}/events, the ST hub logs connectivity issues as “hub has disconnected”. Is there any way to capture this from within a SmartApp? Can’t find any mention in the docs, but ideally i’d like to be able to subscribe to these events and notify our web service of the issue.

Any help or ideas would be really appreciated. Thanks!

I believe this ability will come with core api access. It is still being put through its paces and vetting process before it clears all security requirements.

Thanks Andrew, good to know! Is the Core API only offered to partners, or is likely to be opened to everyone? I’ve seen it mentioned a few times, but haven’t been able to find much detail info on what the differences are and how to get access.

Thanks again.

It will eventually be open to everyone, but if someone wanted to build a product using SmartThings as the backbone then we could partner. And make cool hats and beer coozies.

Thanks for the clarification, Andrew. Much appreciated!

Did this ever get implemented in CoRE?

Hub is getting disconnected and would like a way to prevent my piston base if hub has been inactive in the past 3 minutes.

Which $variable should i use?

My schlage lock keeps unlocking after hub comes back from inactive to active. my piston to unlock door thinks im arriving with St arrival sensor.