Disconnected Multipurpose Sensor configured for garage door use

I just installed a new MPS and used the Classic app to designate it for garage use. It connected to the hub and I could change the status/state by rotating the sensor in my hand. I then carried it out to the garage and it disconnected. I brought the sensor back into the house where the hub resides, but it will not reconnect. I even reset the device with the push button and cycled the battery. Battery is at 100%. Any ideas on how to rrconnect.

It sounds like the garage location is out of range. You’ll probably need to add a repeater (zigbee smart plug) somewhere between the hub and the garage. Reasonably priced options include Iris 3210-L from Lowe’s (probably on clearance if your location has them), Peanut plug, Sylvania Lightify, or Centralite from Mydigitaldiscount.com.

Any idea how to reconnect with the sensor well in range. Also, will a Leviton DZPA1 smart plug repeat the signal for extending the range.

It should eventually rejoin, but you can go back to adding a device. When ST searches, perform a device reset, or in some cases pulling the battery will do. Depending on the sensor, you’ll see led light acknowledgement and then stop the inclusion process.

Search STs support docs for your model sensor to get details about the reset/rejoin process.

No, because that’s a zwave device. You need a zigbee device like what was mentioned above. I personally use the Iris plugs.

It should reconnect within a few minutes in range. If you’ve reset it, you may need to re-add it using “add a thing”. You won’t see a new decide show up because the device is already in the list, but when you return to your “things” it should show as reconnected.

What John said above…

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