Disarm SHM when Door Unlocks?

I may be missing something but…

I would like to disarm SHM when my Schlage door lock is unlocked. I have a younger son with no presence sensor and this would help with false intrusion alerts.

Any help would be appreciated

Check this out.

Thank you. I am going to give it a try!

Well I have been trying to get this to work and just cant seem to figure it out. I am super fresh to all this so that isnt helping any. I managed to get the code in ide but cant seem to notice a difference except that in notifications I can see that a code was used or they were manually locked or unlocked. I also know there have been some updates so maybe this no longer works? Anyway what am I missing I cant seem to find a place that sets the lock its self as the switch or trigger if you will. Thanks in advance!

I don’t know anything about the app your trying to use. Possibly the information in this thread will help, where we just discussed this or something very similar not too long ago.

If you’re only looking to run SHM disarm when someone unlocks then you should look at creating a rule in CoRE. Not sure if you’re familiar with CoRE but it’s a very powerful rules engine and great for making a bunch of one off rules out having to go for an overkill of a dedicated app.

If you’re looking for a more comprehensive solution which allows you to take actions based on the type of lock (code, external button, manual or remote etc) or unlock then check out this SmartApp:

or the thread that @TN_Oldman pointed to above.