Disappearing devices?

I have a ST with the Hub v2 US (Firmware 000.032.00012) and a Ring Alarm with the Base Station 1.33.0. I found out that there is a way to integrate it together with this. The Ring device handler is supposed to install device handlers for contact sensors and it used to do it. There are some problems with contact sensors but still…
But last night I checked in the app the ring contact sensors and they disappeared! I can see them in the devices in the “My Devices”, but not in the ST app. I suspect that the reason is an automatic upgrade to the Hub - is it? And I just wonder is it happening only with the Ring integration or with some other things?

Generally, those devices would be controlled by the smartapp you referenced, Id start asking questions there.

From what I understand about the smartapp, ir runs in the cloud, the hub itself doesnt have any bearing on how those integrate just passing communication for anything inside your perimeter network. And in any case at 32.x you dont have the update yet. The update is 39.x