Disapearing Heiman Door sensor

One of my sensors disapeared from the app and IDE (a cheap generic door sensor).
no trace of it in the things, and not anymore in “my devices”.
At first i assumed i had deleted it by mistake.
So i went out (on my gate), re paired it, tested in the app. Confirmed it worked and showed a switch between open and closed as it should.
Time to go back in to add it to webcore, the sensor is not there anymore…
Any idea?

Note that i am not saying offline, but does not appear at all in the IDE…

Chatting with support. Looks like the device “removed” itself from ST…
Anyone else with a Heiman Door Sensor?

The device shouldn’t be able to remove itself completely.

With Z wave, the sensor knows who its hub is. And the hub keeps its own list of devices.

If A device just falls off the network, or even resets itself completely, it should still be in the hub’s table. We call those “ghost” devices, leftovers from a previous pairing.

But there shouldn’t be any way for the zwave sensor to force the hub to change its device table. It’s just not how zwave works.

This is Z wave and not zigbee, right? (Heiman makes both.)

Yes, Z-wave. ST Support has now force-removed the device on their end.
I’ll re-pair it tomorrow morning as I’d rather do it in day light. I need 5/10mins to remove duct-tape and rubber balloon, re-pair, re wrap inside a rubber balloon, duct-tape in place and test.
Lets hope it lasts, and if it does not I’ll recontact the support!

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I’ve had exactly the same issue, with exactly the same sensor, also on my external gate. It has removed itself twice over about 3 months. I don’t have a solution I’m afraid. I’ve got 5 more of the same sensor, and one other has also done this once (also used outside).