Disabling STHM activation

Under the classic App, I added a new Location mode called “Disabled”. If I set the mode to Disabled, my “I’m back”, “I’ve left” and the “Goodnight” routines would not trigger. This was useful if we wanted the alarm not to go off temporarily e.g. when all of our family left (taking the mobile phones/presence sensors with them) and we’ve left someone housesitting.

Under the new app I can’t figure out a way to replicate the “trigger this event unless location=Disabled” logic… can anyone help or suggest another way of being able to combine a “disabled” check in the logic?

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I needed the same thing, so I created a virtual switch called “Goodbye disable” then added a condition in my “Goodbye” automation (a “routine” in the old app) so the automation only runs if the virtual switch is on. The automation then runs the Goodbye scene and sets STHM. If I turn the switch off, nothing happens when I leave. I also set up a physical button by the door that will turn off the virtual switch to make it easier to enable upon my exit.

Yes, It worked perfectly in the old App… I was trying to continue with using the mode setting but need logic like:
no one is at home
mode != "Disarmed"
change STHM=Armed (Away)
Change mode to “Away”

but I can’t get it to do the ** bit.

I might try the vswitch option but it’s a shame I can’t use the locations mode.

thanks for the tip.