Disabling a Door Bell and sending push notifications

Hi all,

I am looking for a way to disable my existing doorbell when our babies door is closed. While the door bell is disabled I want to get push notifications if the button is pressed. I’ve seen ways to get push notification, so I want to throw this past the community to see if there is a cheaper way of doing this. Here is what I was thinking.

From the doorbell button I run two pair of wires 1 to a contact sensor to trigger the push notification, and one to a z-wave light switch. Then I run from the z-wave light switch to the doorbell transformer which is wired to the bell.

Then I use an app that states, when the baby contact sensor is closed turn off the doorbell light switch.

So I have a couple of questions for you all.

  1. This setup is going to cost close to $100 to setup. Is there a cheaper/better way of doing it?
  2. Does this setup sound like it’s going to work?

sounds ok. Depends on internet and ST cloud being responsive.

I think it’s more like $60-70 in hardware. Monoprice has/had a contact sensor with internal dry contact input for less than $30.

If I wanted to do that then I would plug the transformer into a pluggable module while on baby schedule. For some reason I wouldn’t put the doorbell on a wall switch - but whatever is easiest.

Do you mean a smart plug?

How would I wire the transformer up?

Easiest thing is to provide a plug-in transformer 20va or more. Very cheap but add $10 to your total. Your bell may operate at 12vac or 24vac so check. You might have to rewire low voltage a short way to the nearest receptacle.

You could also cheat by adding a plug with pigtails to your existing transformer. Probably wouldn’t pass an electrical inspection. I am definitely not an electrician!