Disable Z-Wave radio

Is there anyway to disable the Z-Wave radio on the new platform? I’m trying to avoid interference with a different Z-Wave controller. I didn’t see anyway on the new my.smartthings.com site.

I’m not aware of any, but it’s usually fine to have multiple zwave controllers in the same building. I’ve had as many as five simultaneously in my own home in the last couple of years. And of course, a number of architectures, although not smartthings, rely on multiple Z wave hubs in their mesh.

Beyond that, there are European and Asian apartment buildings with a primary Z wave hub in every apartment and they don’t run into interference.

Are you sure that you are having a problem? Zwave typically runs tiny messages fairly infrequently in a Home Automation setup. As long as the two hubs are at least 3 m apart, it should be OK. :thinking:

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Thanks! Forgot about the apartment use case. I’ve been having issues with the Z-wave mesh on my other controller and was trying to eliminate things, but what you said makes perfect sense.

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Yep. Just as one example, ring alarm, which uses Z wave, is specifically marketed for people who live in apartments. :sunglasses: