Disable motion sensor for one minute after switch turned off

I have a Lutron wall switch hooked up to the Samsung multipurpose motion sensor to turn on. The problem is after I turn off the light on the wall and walk to the door the motion kicks in and it turns the light on.

This seems like an obvious problem. How do I disable the motion sensor for a minute after the physical button press? Modes come up periodically but haven’t seen a clear way to even get an event hook from the Lutron switch or light turning off to trigger anything let alone a timed version. Automations focus on checking if the state of something is on or off not a trigger event of it going to off.

Thanks for any advice.

You cannot disable motion detector, but you can use automation to prevent light to come on for a set time after it went off.

I have a virtual switch setup as part of an automatic shutdown delay and Harmony remote integration and that’s fine but I can’t figure out how to prevent the light from coming on automatically specifically after being turned off via physical Lutron button.

Can you suggest a specific automation procedure for this? Thank you.

I have all my automations done with Webcore.
I would do something like:
If motion active
And light has been OFF for xx minutes
Turn light ON
That way it allows you to get out of the room without turning back ON. Disadvantage is if you get back into the room it will not turn ON until timer times out.
What I have for mine is to have lights turn OFF automatically on a timer if there is no motion.

you can try using motion duration in an automation (IF portion).