Disable manual override?

Is there a way to disable manual override of light switch? My usecase is, once the light is manually turned on, it should turn off automatically after 30 mins. and while light is on, it shouldn’t turn off manually.

Only way is to use a “remote switch” connected to: a blanked off smart switch, a relay, or a smart bulb.

i.e., Most in-wall Switches have an line-voltage electrical relay built in and thus always can be operated locally with no configuration parameter or override possible.

But if you are using a remote (search for FAQ on Remote Buttons, or define a Virtual Switch for use in ActionTiles, etc.) that would be linked via a SmartApp (like Smart Lighting, a custom SmartApp, or CoRE) to the actual light. I don’t think that Smart Lighting is sophisticated enough to handle this use case, but … CoRE can do anything.

So… yes… definitely possible, but you have to put the right pieces together in this puzzle!

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