Disable Google Home Telling Me What it is Going to Do

I have all my devices in Smartthings available to Google Home. When I say “hey google, turn on the nook light” it responds back “okay, turning the nook light on”. If I say “hey google, turn on the monitors and turn on the office computer” it says “okay, turning on the monitors” and turns on the switch, and then says “turning on the office computer” and then does that.

I prefer it not say anything, or just say “okay”. I do not see any way to do this in Google Home itself, any ideas? I am fine moving this into Smartthings if necessary.

One way to fix this for good is, get an Echo and let Alexa handle your requests :slight_smile:

I have an Echo, have for several years. I have invested now in 3 Google Home hubs and two minis. I would really like to fix this rather than trashing that investment and buying similar from Amazon.

For now I don’t think its possible with Google Assistant. If you have sets of things you do frequently, create a routine. They recently changed so it doesn’t announce all the things it’s doing when running a routine. I wish they would make it an option like Alexa recently did.


Did someone mention a wish list? How about telling me what the reminder is about, not that “I have a reminder for Bob”. Drives me nuts :slight_smile:

Thank you. I’ll make routines for everything. I wish I could get assistant relay to work, then I could tell it what to say. All I can get AR to do is display the command I send via URL and it sends nothing to google Assistant.