Directory structure in GIT is important

So been spending some time getting all my addons synced with git. I find a number of them don’t pull in. After troubleshooting with my own forks of stuff it comes down to directory structure.

If you don’t follow these rules as outlined in the docs found here:

Your code won’t work with the git integration of ST.
Here is the main set of rules on structure:

Repository Structure

The repository is organized by type (SmartApps or Device Types) and namespace.

Each SmartApp and Device Type should be in its own directory, named the same as the SmartApp or Device Type, and appended with “.src”.

For SmartApps:

smartapps/<namespace>/<smartapp-name>.src/<smartapp file>.groovy

For Device Types:

devicetypes/<namespace>/<device-type-name>.src/<device type file>.groovy

The namespace is typically your GitHub user name. When you create a SmartApp or Device Type in the IDE, you provide a namespace, which is then populated in the definition method. This namespace will be used in the directory structure as shown above.


Updated to have the path show up correctly.