Directly Connected Device - Healthcheck Offline Notification

Hi everyone!

I built a directly connected device using the C SDK and an ESP8266. When the device goes offline, it is reported properly in the app and marked as offline. My question is: Is there a way to display a notification on the phone that this device went offline ? It does it automatically for example when my Samsung router goes offline, but it seems some extra steps are required for a custom a device.

anyone can help ?


Hi, @Phil1972! Up to now, there’s no option to send Push notifications based on the Health Status. A worth to try workaround is:

  • Create a SmartApp and create a subscription to devices health (subscribeToDeviceHealth - this includes all the devices in a location).
  • When the events online/offline are received, turn on/off a virtual switch, or change a virtual dimmer value.
  • Create an automation in the app based on the switch/dimmer events to send notifications.
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Hi, @Phil1972.
Just a quick update, there’s now an option to create push notifications from a SmartApp, so, when you receive an “offline”/“online” event from the Subscription, you can show a message.
Take a look at this post, there’s a simple sample of this feature:

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Thanks, I will look at it and see if it works :wink:

It seems I am not too sure about doing a SmartApp, I will have to dig in. I thought SmartApp could be hosted on SmartThings server directly but it looks like I need AWS or my own server for which I am not too familiar.