Directional door / open close sensor?

I have a 2 way door to my kitchen. Is there an existing thing or smart app that I can use to help me automate the door?

Can you explain a little more about the set up?

Is this a swinging door and you want to know which direction it’s moving in, perhaps to turn lights on or off appropriately?

Is this a door that you need to motorize so it will move? What exactly did you have in mind for “automate the door”?

If you could include a screenshot of the type of door, that would help a lot as well.

Sorry I should have been more specific. It’s a swinging door, that swings outwards as well as inwards. When I go into the kitchen I push inwards, and I’d like to turn the lights on inside.

When I push outwards to leave the kitchen, I’d like to turn off the lights in the kitchen and turn the lights on in the hallway.

I know there is an acceleration sensor in the smart things open / close sensor but am not sure how to use this

I’ve tried to use a combination of 2 sensors, open and motion but it just doesn’t trigger properly.

I believe zone motion manager can help here.

Have you tried 2 contact sensors staggered and on opposite sides of the door and door frame? Their normal state would be open, but when you walk through the door, the magnet on your side of the door will pass the contact sensor on the door frame of the room you’re entering causing it to trigger a closed event.

When you go the other direction the other room’s contact sensor will trigger a closed event allowing you to switch the lights that are on.

I’ve never tried this, but it seems like it would work. The one part that might be challenging is figuring out how close to the center of the door the sensors should go. If they’re too close to the hinges, they may not get tripped if someone doesn’t open the door wide enough and if they’re too far the other way, the back swing may trip the opposite room’s sensor.

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