Direct to app store page instead of implemented OAuth login page when trying to connect service

Recently, our Facebook account that connected to our SmartThings integration was suspended.
So we are seeing the message, “the connection was interrupted”, in the SmartThings App.(Pic 1)

However, when we tried to log in with another account, no matter through the prompt message(Pic 2) or login with adding device process(Pic 3),

it directed to the app store page instead of implemented OAuth login page…
Has someone experienced the same situation or known the cause?

Hi, @ETesting. Welcome to the SmartThings Community!

As we will need to discuss private information about your integration, please send the info requested below to

Can you provide more details about this issue, please?

  1. So, in your Schema integration login page, you chose to sign in with Facebook
  2. As the Facebook account was suspended, you got issues with the integration, right? Eg. Get access tokens
  3. To try to log in again, did you delete the integration from “linked services”? It deletes all devices that were discovered by it and you should be able to log in again.

Could you share those screenshots in English without crossing out part of the content, please?