Direct connection to SmartMeter (PG&E)

Andrew is the bottom line, SmartThings will not be able to read the meter data out of the box?  Or am I wrong?


I’m still waiting for my SMUD sensor/reader. Once I get it, I will have to call them to place the meter/sensor in pairing mode. I’ll take that opportunity to discuss pairing it with the ST Hub. They tell me that the meter will communicate with HA devices. ANd if you read the HA specification there is a protocol/word set for SmartMeters that is separate from the SEP spec. We’ll see.


Can’t for sure say the hub is unable to read it. If its HA compatible its just a matter of pulling that information. If it can’t be done out of the box then its just a matter of a firmware update down the road.

Again, dependent on if its a ZigBee HA or SEP device.

I filled out the form last week and just got my code. So, @Kris, did you ever get your device to work?

I’m also interested in the outcome of the X2e router. NV Energy in Nevada has a similar program and is distributing these. It would be great to connect it with smartthings.

Has anyone found a solution to this? The Rainforest Eagle for $100 is a bit pricey.

I didn’t see this thread when I posted to another - but the answer is applicable to both:

There are a couple of different things at play here. First, most smart meters are Zigbee Smart Energy Profile devices and the SmartThings Hub currently is not, we’re a Zigbee Home Automation Profile device. SEP requires a different set of certifications than HA, and we haven’t decided yet if we want to go down that route. Without being certified and having a signed certificate on board the SmartThings Hub, we can’t join an SEP network.

Second, if we were to get past that and were to get SEP certified, most smart meters act as the Zigbee SEP coordinator in their network, and SEP does not allow for more than one coordinator. Since the SmartThings Hub is the coordinator in the HA network, it would be a significant engineering challenge to make it join the SEP network as an end-device.

Talking to smart meters has been something that we’ve definitely put some thought into, but aren’t quite there yet.

I hope that’s helpful.



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Can’t you just use an aeon labs current clamp for ~$80?

Wonder if there was progress in this endeavor?

I’ve been thinking the same thing; but ALSO thinking about Smart water-flow/water-usage meters.

Our PUC (San Francisco) uses a Smart Water meter, but not sure it’s specs; quite possibly ZigBee energy profile?

I wonder what the market would be like for a secondary meter that you can install yourself (or with a quick plumber job)? I’m guessing the cost would be $100/meter + $200/installation. Just very first guess.

Anyone want to explore this idea? Or is there a good product already in existence.

Or am I off topic… Just exploring for a moment. Sorry…

Here you go - flow meter that can be plugged into Arduino…

Let me know if you make one :slight_smile:


There are consumer level devices that use ultra-sonic measurement (clamp around the pipe – do not require cutting to insert the flow meter. I’ll have to look up the one brand I’ve heard of. Still waiting on a price.

Meanwhile I tried installing a v1 Aeon Home Energy Meter today and electrocuted myself :zap: – just kidding:

I was able to add the device to my hub, but energy use shows zero 0 nilch nada. How to debug?

I believe it is a clamp meter? What “hot” leg or legs did you put the clamp around? It should work just like a standard AMP meter like a fluke… Each clamp can’t be around more than one wire…

I’m no expert on my circuit breaker box, but have a basic understanding of what two phase house input wires should look like … two thick wires incoming from the electric company meter (and one thick common neutral).

Close enough (but not exactly) what is depicted on Aeon website:

There may be some more detailed PDF documentation somewhere (not in the package!), but this seems clear:

However: Let’s say only one clamp is working – would that clamp be able to read anything from the one phase? Or must both clamps be functioning?

Is there anyway to build a test setup against a standard 120v extension cord (well… one clamp around the hot wire, other around the neutral, …?).


Should work with either and/or both… Here is your extension cord test link: :smile:

I would say that you have it right! More than likely your ST side is not getting the correct data - what do you have for the device-type?

And the AMP meter only goes around one side of the AC circuit - if you put it around both you will get nothing… It is measuring the magnetic wave strength… Both sides cancel each other out…

Could also probably use a device-type that addresses each clamp separately is my guess?

Thanks for the link – It is much more practical (and safer!) to debug this with a little 120v cord line rather that poking around in main circuit box.

The Device was recognized automatically by SmartThings as:

No configuration errors, but no meaningful events:

But I don’t know if the selected Device Type is the correct one (it is a v1 of the meter, and I upgraded the firmware before adding to network). I only see one Aeon Home Energy Meter Device Type available published.

Have you “clicked” the configure button in the ST Thing yet? It needs those commands to combine the two… You could also add the code to the standard device type to get readings separately… it does have 0x60 so it is a multi-channel device…

The configuration code 101 and 102 combine the two to get a single reading from both… They are sent when you click the “configure” tile…

Yup. “Clicking” the configure tile does not appear to do anything, but that’s a user-interface limitation, I suppose. It should change color for a few moments or something!

But the detailed event log shows configure requests. I’ll have to put this aside for a bit until I splice up an old extension cord to test & debug with…


I’ve moved my recent posts to a non-archived thread here:


Fort Collins Utilities Is also Using Smart Meters. You can access usage on their website but thats pretty limited. Our local Library Loans out Zigbee in home display made by Rainforest Automation.

they also make a zigbee to wifi gateway which pumps your usage data to their cloud for use on a computer:

All i had to do to activate the meter / display was to call the utility and give them the MAC address. from there they send a signal to activate the zigbee radio on my smart meter.

It would be nice to have some automation that turns stuff off automatically. integration is key!