Direct Connect device name field error in Developer Workspace?

Trying to start building my first device, following Todd’s manual instructions at rpi-st-device/ConfigGuide.pdf at main · toddaustin07/rpi-st-device · GitHub since I wanted to run through it once in detail to understand how setup worked.

I’ve gotten as far as starting to create the new project in the Developer Workspace. I selected Direct Connect, and it’s asking me to “Give this directly connected device integration a name”. Todd’s instructions referred me to How to Build Direct Connected Devices, which shows an example with this field filled in as Switch Example. However, when I try to enter a simple name for my device, PiIR, the workspace gives me an error saying “The field must be between 5 and 100.”

Is the Workspace broken somehow? Incompatible with Firefox? Or am I misunderstanding the instructions?

Did you try five characters in the name?

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Duh. At first glance that appeared to be asking for a numeric values. Could someone update that message to say “between 5 and 100 characters”, please?

Hi, @keshlam!

I’ll report this to the corresponding team, sorry about that.

In case it wasn’t obvious, that “Duh” was directed at myself. Apologies for any misreadings!