Dimming pocket outlet that remembers last set level?

The pause is likely just that the current level is being reported back to the SmartThings hub. After an on command it sends the current level while it is fading on (which based on its internal clock is 2%) then there is a delay before it sends the next current level. By that time it is 100%.

Based on what I’ve seen with other ZigBee dimmers, your outlet is behaving like the on level attribute is set. According to ZigBee documentation setting the value to FF (255) is supposed to “disable” that attribute. You could always try zero instead of 255 in case they didn’t follow the standard correctly but overall I’m really at a loss.

If using that DTH and hitting refresh or a complete reset of the device didn’t clear up the problem, I’d definitely ask for an RMA.

Thanks for all the help trying to fix this. ST is sending me a new one, so I guess I’ll just use this one as a simple on and off outlet someplace.

There is also an attribute to change how long the fade on/off is. The reason I mention this is I don’t think this would work well for anything but a light. It may damage other electronics not receiving full power. You could change that fade time to 0 seconds but even so I’m not sure I’d recommend it elsewhere. @Nezmo

Well, in the shipment email ST sent me this evening, they included instructions for sending the bad outlet back to them. So I guess I will not get to keep this one to use as just and on/off outlet :frowning: Had I know that I probably would have just asked for a full return for a refund. I’ve since learned that there better priced options out there. Oh well.

Thanks again for all the help on this.