Dimming Issue

Simple ( I thought) desire. Have the lamp in the hall dim way down when triggered by motion at night. Except both the ST Lighting App, the Rule Machine app, and the Motion Lighting app have failed me. So doing research it appears it is not my apps, it is the bulb I am using. I am using the GE Wireless Link A19. So, my question is, can anyone recommend a good Smart Outlet I can use along with a dumb bulb that will dim a lamp way down?

what problems are you having? You should be able to set the motion sensor as a trigger and have the bulb come on at whatever level you choose.

sounds like a signal propagation problem, identify with testing and resolve with repeater or relocate bulb or reorient the hub.

I have tried the bulb in another lamp… same issue… just does not dim

This is a dimmable bulb, and it does dim, but the range is not as you would expect. I have 10 of these, they’re all dimming for me.

100-20% => almost no perceptible change
20-10 => now looks pretty dim
10-1 => yep, dim

Not sure if it’s a driver issue, or what, but most LED bulbs don’t seem to dim quite like incandescents.

Edit: Make sure the device type is GE Link Bulb. Might be detected as a basic zigbee bulb, and if so, may not work as expected.

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Just checked as you suggested, and yes it shows as a GE Link Bulb… I have two of them. I have never tried to dim the second… think I will try that next.

Sorry, newbie here, I totally do not understand what I need to do… can you point me to directions to do this?

It’s very unlikely that this has anything to do with the mesh or with range.

Instead, it’s most likely that it’s just a fact about LED bulbs, whether they are smart bulbs or dim bulbs. They do not dim in the same way that incandescent bulbs dim.

For this reason, it usually comes down to the exact match between the bulb and the switch. More expensive bulbs will usually list their dim range. As in “dimmable to 25%” or “dimmable to 10%”.

There are also different types of switches, some of which will be more successful in dimming LEDs than others. But the most successful ones may require adding additional pieces of equipment. (Although this isn’t quite technically correct basically you’re changing an analog controller to be a digital one.)

Anyway, as I said, all of this can arise whether the switch is smart or not, and whether the bulb is smart or not. But there is a difference between different brands and models.

If you really want to have dimming below 25%, you’re going to need to do some experimenting. Or go back to incandescents.

Many people find they get the effect they want more simply just by choosing a LED bulb with a lower lumens rating. So 25% of a 600 lm bulb rather than trying to do 20% of 800 lm bulb. But again there’s some trial and error with that.

It’s also true that many LEDs get oranger as they get dimmer, which can make the bulb appear brighter even though it isn’t.

Personally, I get Phillips bulbs and don’t try to dim them below 25%. That’s true for both smart bulbs and dumb bulbs. Then I use nightlights if I want much dimmer bulbs for other purposes.

Ray or some of the other electrical experts may have some suggestions for specific switch and bulb combinations if you do want to try to dim a 700 or 800 lm bulb down below 25%.


My GE light bulbs also dim only if I set the level between 1%-10%, else there is no noticeable dimming. Even at 1% they are way too bright for the use I meant, that is turn on at night on motion sensor without blinding me.
I have the device set to GE link light. In another thread someone set that changing the device made it better but did not mention which device.

I also have the link bulbs and don’t like how bright they are… maybe try a generic zigbee bulb.

Can you at least turn the bulb on and off? If yes then most likely bad bulb. Just to be sure. You are not connecting this with a dimmer switch correct? GE link bulb dimming is a pain below 10% so I am using this smartapps and dim it down to 1%.

So I want to make sure I understand…

Dimming a LED bulb, (Smart or otherwise) Is really a crap shoot how dim you can go?