Dimming bulb on a dimmer switch? Advice please

This is slightly off topic but I’m looking for advice. Can I use a smart dimming bulb (I like the $8.99 Sengled Element Classic LED and also the $11.99 Ikea Tradfri 1000 lumen) on a circuit that is controlled by a hardwired dimming switch? I’m hoping that I can do this as long as I leave the dimming switch on it’s brightest setting so that it’s providing full power to the smart dimming bulbs. I’d guess that if the dimming switch is turned down and no longer provide full power to the smart dimming bulbs that it would damage them. Is this correct?

I tried doing that and it did not work well. It would be fine sometimes but several times a day it would flicker until I changed the wired dim level. I also found there wasn’t a consistent okay dim level, it’s almost like the ok spot moved. I just replaced the wired switch with a non dim. Not sure if it might work better with different wired switches or if they would all do that. Also as an fyi I was using a Sengled BR30 for the smart bulb.

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Your instincts are right. :sunglasses: Never put a smart bulb on a dimmer switch that controls the current to the bulb, whether that switch is smart or not. They will confuse each other and you can burn out the bulb, the switch, or both. :dizzy_face: The bulb needs to always be on full Power and then it will decide for itself how much current to draw.

There are many solutions for providing a wall switch with a smart bulb. The following FAQ should give you some ideas ( this is a clickable link)

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