Dimmers in group get stuck in loop

I have 2 lights with new Inovelli Dimers on them. When controlled from the physical switches (on/off) I want them to respond as a group. I have tried this a couple of ways and both ways ended up somehow causing a loop where they would eventually flash back and forth. The most recent way I tried was the Smart Lighting SmartApp to turn one on or off when the other is turned on or off. Is there a simple way of doing this that wont get stuck in a loop or will I have to create a piston in Core

Have you tried the mirror option in Smart Lighting?

I started to, but I want both switches to mirror each other. Didn’t look like that was an option.

I think you would have two rules:

  1. switch A mirrors switch B
  2. switch B mirrors switch A
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That is similar to what I had for just on off rules, but I think that is also what got it stuck in a loop. I think because they are dimmers and they fade on and off that the state was getting delayed and then each rule was triggering the other rule causing a loop. I think one automation is triggering the other My thought for a solution was to create a Core piston so that it could ensure that it was complete before trying to run it again.

I did not write this piston. It was posted on the webcore forum but seems to work well with both of my dimmable lights.

The only time I saw any ping pong effect was when I turned the lights on/off real fast in the classic app. Also, the lights that this piston controls dim very fast so I am not sure what it will do in a slow dimming situation.