Dimmer Switch Toggles Outlet

(Tsheeran1) #1

Newbie here folks so apologies in advance for what may be a very naive question.

I have a Leviton DZ1KD dimmer and a Leviton DZR15 duplex outlet. The dimmer controls overhead lights in my great room and the outlet controls a lamp in the same room.

What I want is for the dimmer to turn on/of as normal, but when the dimmer is on and I press on again, I want it to toggle the outlet. Subsequent presses of the dimmer without a state change should continue to toggle the outlet. The dimmer is using the generic Z-wave dimmer switch.

I have tried writing a smart app for the switch capability that subscribes to the switch, but I only seem to get events when the state of the switch changes.

I have (perhaps misguidedly) been thinking that I want to somehow leverage the Hail command class. I have inserted some debug lines into the device handler and I can see the dimmer is sending hails for every push whether the switch state changes or not. And it is returning a hail event (or at least the map for a hail event). But I can’t seem to figure out how to subscribe to this in the smart app.

Any suggestions on how to subscribe to a hail from the dimmer… or if there is an obvious way that all experience z-wavers know that works without chasing hail.

Thanks for all your help.