Dimmer switch not turning off completely with off() command

I’ve got three Enerwave ZW500D Z-wave switches installed at my place, one of them being a 3-way switch with an additional aux switch. The one switch that is the 3-way does not turn off completely when receiving the off() command, it only dims the light to 20% brightness instead of turning it off altogether. Although it does work to send setLevel(0) to turn it off completely. Has anyone ever experienced anything similar to a dimmer thinking “off” is not equivalent to setLevel(0)?

I’d also like to mention that the other two Enerwave ZW500D Z-wave switches that are wired as single pole switches work exactly as intended, the off() command shuts them off entirely.

That is weird. So if you hit refresh after turning it off, does it show up as on and 20% or off and 20%?

I’m also wondering what would happen if you sent the off command again, like twice in a row, but I guess that might not be possible with the device tile as it is.

@duncan Yeah, it’s really strange, I’ve never had any of my other dimmers act this way. If I hit Refresh after turning it off using the tile, it shows up as off and 20%.