Dimmer switch for magnetic low voltage transformer

I would appreciate input from anyone who has installed Z wave dimmer switches with a low voltage lighting system with magnetic transformers. I have an existing ten year old lighting system that uses Tech Lighting magnetic transformers, dimmable LED lamps, and Lutron dimmer switches that appear to be from their “Diva” line. I plan to replace the dimmer switches with smart dimmer switches to integrate with SmartThings.

I bought a Cooper Aspire RF9540-NAW dimmer switch to test, because it indicates it is rated for magnetic low voltage loads, as well as other load types (incandescent, electronic low voltage, etc). But when it was installed, it caused the transformer to buzz.

  1. If you installed a smart dimmer switch that did not cause magnetic transformers to buzz, which one was it?

  2. Is it possible the buzz is caused by incorrect installation of the switch? The switch appears to be working correctly other than causing the transformer to buzz. I did not install the switch and am not an electrician, so don’t know installation details.

Thanks for any suggestions.

Hi there, old post I know.

I have tested for a few minutes Zooz ZEN22 ver dimmer and there was ZERO buzz from the transformer, even better then the original dumb Lutron dimmer that was specific for LVM transformer.
HOWEVER, I know read that I am not supposed to use that dimmer for such purpose. Which got me in your situation - to start looking around for the right dimmer.

Have you used any Z-wave dimmer with that transformer and what can you tells about the experience?