Dimmer Switch For Lifx bulbs?


Want to see if anyone has solved the Dimming issue with the Lifx lights? Wanting a physical dimmer to control the Lifx lights. I cant seem to find any Zwave battery powered dimmers. I have a battery powered 4 button Zwave switch that work with the Lifx lights but want the dimming to work.


US or U.K.?

The US…

OK, then you should be able to use the Cooper “anyplace“ switch

With the following code:

Awesome Thanks. I’ll give it a try

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@Jerseyboy - Due to some changes on the ST platform about a year ago, me and others have been having a lot of issues with the RF9500. No issues so far with with dimming functionality, but the on / off seems to send multiple commands that I have not been able to successfully debounce through software.