Dimmer reverts back to 99%

I’m having a problem with one of my dimmer swithces. I try and change the dimmer % to something other than 99% and it immediately reverts back to 99%. Below a copy of the log but I’m not experienced enough to detect if the issue is shown there:

94d4e988-c1ae-45f5-9411-e46097b29608 8:59:48 AM: debug event from: Family Room Fan, value: 99, source: DEVICE, description: zw device: 03, command: 2603, payload: 63
73d9b4fc-c174-412e-b099-4a0cbaefc9ed 8:59:43 AM: debug Shipped Event: [epoch:1493740783.353, value:41, key:Family Room Fan(level_%)]
73d9b4fc-c174-412e-b099-4a0cbaefc9ed 8:59:43 AM: debug shipped events and got 204
73d9b4fc-c174-412e-b099-4a0cbaefc9ed 8:59:43 AM: trace Family Room Fan(level:%) 41
94d4e988-c1ae-45f5-9411-e46097b29608 8:59:43 AM: debug updating TS
94d4e988-c1ae-45f5-9411-e46097b29608 8:59:43 AM: debug event from: Family Room Fan, value: 41, source: DEVICE, description:
d800c034-0ec7-42f8-96c7-d41d63ca1c22 8:59:43 AM: debug setLevel >> value: 41

I figured it out. I did a z-wave network repair and now it works.

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