Dimmer module for light control

Hi guys!

Recently, I start thinking about home automation stack in my potential new apartment. So I pick an OpenHub and Mycroft as high-level tools for my project.

Then I face unpleasant issue, namely: there is no dimmer that satisfies me. The main problems is unreasonable prices(even on aliexpress, insane!! ), closed source, hence no tweaking possibility, limited functionality.

So I thought about an open-source module for geeks, to control electricity in their homes. Here is rough description:


  1. High reliability
  2. Low price (Let’s say $20-30)
  3. Easy programming, and setting up


  1. 3 dimming modes (PWM, phase, and cycle skipping)
  2. Possibility to switch on / off with mechanical switches, like in ordinary home.
  3. Current and power measurement
  4. Over current and over temperature protection
  5. OpenHub compatibility

The few questions I have:
Wouldn’t it be double work creating such module, maybe there is something similar on github, I just not found it?
Will you be interested in such module?

This forum is for users of Samsung’s SmartThings home automation platform you will likely not get an answer to your questions about open source automation platforms here…


Well, I will appreciate any suggestion close to requirements and features, even not open source. Because creating new device is kind of hard way, although interesting.