Dimmer Lights Flickering while "OFF"

I have a single Linear Dimmer light switch in my living room and I’ve noticed over the past week that the LED lights connected to it appear to flicker very lightly while “off”. As far as I can tell, it appears to be below the lowest brightness setting, and affects all 5 “dimmable” LEDs in the fixture.

I don’t notice a flickering when the lights are on (although the dog occasionally starts barking at the light when we turn it on and off. Possibly related, or she’s just a doofus)

Do you have a neutral wire on the switch that is properly hooked up?

Yep. Took a while to figure out the which was which, as my house is wired weirdly.

Breaker / / Fixture / / Switch
Line----------/ /---------------------/ /----Line
Neutral------/ /------Light(-)-----/ /—Neutral
…/-----Light(+)-----/ /—Load

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edit2: Diagram made no sense

Is the dimmer spec’d for use with LED/CFL? What happens if you replace one of the LEDs with an incandescent?

Plus your diagram makes no sense to me. Shouldn’t the neutral be wired to the non-load side of the fixtures?

Amazon seems to think so…

Compatible with incandescent and most dimmable fluorescent, halogen, Xenon and LED fixtures and The wires are pre-cut for easy stripping.

Although “most” is kind of concerning. I’ll maybe have to try tonight with a couple of the dimmable LEDs I have in the exact same fixture, but on a different switch.