Dimmer Device Type with Evolve LRM-AS

First, a disclaimer. This is minor issue. I am interested in the process here. . . .

I have a Evolve LRM-AS dimmer installed. The dimmer does not respond properly to the indicator light configuration control from the device handler. When the handler is set to light the indicator when the switch is off, just the opposite occurs.

I did some digging and found that, for the Evolve dimmer,

“To make the LED turn on when the load attached is turned ON, set parameter 3 to a value of 0”.

I also looked at the documentation for the GE dimmer sold on the ST site and found
> “To make the LED turn ON when the light is turned ON, change parameter 3’s value to “1””

I looked at the code in the device handler and it appears to be set up for the GE dimmer. However, the Evolve dimmer is listed in the supported and tested list. I also noticed that the device handler supports a ‘never’ option and uses a value of 2 for parameter 3. Neither of the dimmers I looked at appear to support a ‘never’ option.

So, what’s the process for addressing this?

I did find an old thread that identified this issue but it doesn’t appear that it has been addressed.

Look in my posting history for my comments on the linear wd500z dimmer. Same device. Evolve is a rebrand.

The linear switches do not support an ‘always off’ configuration. :frowning:

You can edit the device type code to get this working properly, but, really, ST should fix the devise type for all of us. It’s literally a 1minute fix.

Agreed. I could fix this for me but that doesn’t help anyone else. ST could change it in one minute but the handler would break for the other dimmers that don’t use the same mapping for parameter 3. I suppose the correct way to deal with this is for the handler to identify the particular dimmer and implement the indicator control appropriately for each model. I’m still learning this stuff but I think there is information in the ‘Manufacturer Specific’ command class that would identify the dimmer in such a way that the handler could cross-reference to the appropriate control of the indicator light options. More than 1 minute, perhaps :smile:

I suppose you could also create a specific handler for this dimmer and publish it separately. Ultimately, you’d probably need a few handlers to cover the variation in the treatment of the indicator light across brands. I’m not exactly sure how the discover process works and how ST decides what handler to use when you don’t specify one. . . it would nice if the ST platform would be able to correctly connect dimmers to one of a few possible handlers.

So, if ST should be addressing this, what is the process? Who decides if there should be one handler with conditional branches or 3 or 4 individual handlers for the different dimmers? Since this is, admittedly, a small issue, will it ever get addressed?

BTW, if anyone else is watching, here is a direct link to the thread mentioned by @codytruscott