Dimmer app functionality question-- can I make a Leviton DZ6HD stop at 1% and never go to 0%?

I got the Leviton DZ6HD Dimmer, I installed a custom handler but it didn’t give me the options I wanted. Now I’m questioning if its even possible to achieve what I want.

Using the smart-things APP the dimmer goes all the way down to 0% which turns the lights off completely, I would like it to stop at 1% so the lights never reaches the 0% point. Is that even possible?

whats happening is I’m using a harmony remote with the smart-things and sometimes there is a delay and if i dim the lights too much they turn off, and won’t turn on without some tinkering


You cannot stop the physical action of tapping the bottom of the rocker bar turning the switch off. That never goes through any network code at all.

You can set the minimum dim level for the dimmer control either from the switch itself or by using parameter configuration. See the user manual:

I am not feeling well tonight, but other people can help explain how to use the configuration method if you want to do that.

So as long as you can train your family to use the dimmer bar rather than the bottom of the rocker, you should be able to achieve what you want.

The minimum dim level is bypassed when using the Smartthings APP, those dim levels are for the rocker/switch location only from what I was reading.

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If you make a personal copy of the DTH (or layer on a Virtual DTH - only necessary if you can’t get the source code for the Leviton DTH), then you can put a conditional in the setLevel() command and other methods to bounce the level back to 1% if it is set to zero using the app.

The exact details are beyond what I offer in a forum … but if you understand the structure of the DTH (and the structure of SmartThing’s DH’s in general), then this is a fun bit of hacking.

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