Dimmer and Relay Module?

Is anyone aware of a product which contains both a dimmer and a second relay outputs in one device?

I am seeing dual relay devices and single dimmer devices but this would be a mashup of both.



I’m not aware of one that would work with SmartThings. What’s the use case for this?

It’s a bit convoluted. I have 3 groups of lights I want to control from a 2 gang box (office lights, outside entry lights, inside entry lights).

I want dedicated switches on the office lights and inside entry lights (which I also want dimmable), but the outside entry lights dont need a dedicated switches and can be controlled via a schedule/ST.

Currently I have a GE switch controlling the office lights and a dual relay module controlling the inside / outside entry lights. What I want is a dimmer to control the inside entry lights and a relay module to control the outside entry lights.

I see. What about just using smart bulbs in the outside lights?

Yeah that is one way to go. I’m not a big fan of the smart bulbs, I have a number in my house already and it seems like they are the number one type of device that drops off the network regularly. Also 2 of the exterior lights are decorativish edison bulbs and I’m not sure that I’ve seen any smart edison style bulbs.

I think I’ll probably hope that all of the exterior entry lights are daisy chained and I can interrupt the power with a zwave relay from another junction box, probably outside on one of the lights themselves.

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