Dimmer 2 switching on after routine command turning it off

Hello. I’m looking for some much needed guidance from more experienced users.

I’m running a straight forward smartapp routine to control 2 x fibaro dimmer 2 lights and a fibaro switch. Turning on and off at set times (7pm - 1045pm every day)

The routine works perfectly but the same dimmer always switches back on within 30 seconds of the routine turning all devices off. I have to then manually turn off this light.

I have tried different DTH, removing and re add device, reboot hub, routine controlling a scene. All without success.

Where am I going wrong?

You more than likely have another rule that is controlling the light. In the ST App, goto the device Tab, then Recent Events and see what made the light come back on. Then goto the SmartApps Tab and modify the rule that’s making the light come back on.


At 1045 the routine turns the light off, but as you can see the light turns on again at 1045

All I can do in the smartapp routine is change the time.

Just to add there are no other smartaps controling this device

I suspect it maybe the DTH. Are you using a custom command to dim the lights? Check the DTH command and see its setting a timer to turn it back on.

Are you using the DTH titled “Fibaro Dimmer 2 ZW5”?

I saw this ZW5 one had appeared in the list a couple of weeks ago so I switched one of my Dimmer 2s to see how good it was. It seemed a bit flaky to me including the light coming back on as you saw. I have since switched back to the Codersaur DTH that I have been using for over a year and all is good.

OK, so I have removed the device and re-added to smarthings

I also tired a new DTH but there has been no change to this error.

What i did notice, if, during the routine i manually turn off the light on the wall switch and then back on, the routine will successfully keep the light switched off when the routine powers down.

It could be a timing issue related to when the events are reported to the SmartApp and when it the commands are sent out.

Thanks. Should I try changing the routine finish time by a few minutes?

What type of sloth is connected to the dimmer? momentary or toggle?

For toggle there is a setting fo either toggle or sync the Dimmer 2 to the physical switch. Worth checking this is correct. Can you see anything in the events for this Dimmer 2 in the IDE?

A toggle switch is on this circuit

PMSL :slight_smile: - Gotta love apple auto-correct